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Funeral Costs

At Richardsons we pride ourselves in organising individual Funerals.  We understand that every funeral is different and that it is your personal choice of what or what not to have at a funeral, therefore we can offer you a choice of competitively priced options for whatever your budget is.

We would respectfully advise that when comparing funeral costs with other funeral directors, you ensure that any quotes given are inclusive of all the service elements you require. Disbursement costs should be exactly the same as these are third party fees made payable on your behalf ie Church, Churchyard, Cemetery, Ministers, Celebrants, Crematorium and doctor’s medical cremation fees.

CMA Standardised Price List


This is funeral where family and friends have a Ceremony, Event or Service for the deceased person at the same time as they attend the burial or cremation.

Collecting and transporting the deceased person from place of death (within 10 miles) to our premises £179.25

Care of the deceased person at our premises (no charge for dressing) £201.25

Taking care of all necessary legal and administrative arrangements, liaising with all third parties and Funeral Directors attendance £650.00

Viewing of the deceased person for family and friends, by appointment at our premises No Charge

Traditional Oak Veneered Coffin, with handles, wreath holders, name plate, white satin frill £536.75

Provision of Hearse £290.00

TOTAL £1,857.25


This is a funeral where family and friends may choose to have a Ceremony, Event or Service for the deceased person, but they do not attend the burial or cremation itself.

BURIAL: (Funeral directors charge only) £965.00

CREMATION: (Funeral directors charge plus cremation fee) £1,376.75


For an Attended or Unattended burial funeral, the burial fee at

Penrith Cemetery £825.00

For a new grave, you will also need to pay for the plot; for an existing grave with a memorial in place, you may need to pay a removal/replacement fee.

For an Attended cremation funeral at Eden Valley Crematorium £975.00


We are able to supply a range of optional, additional products and services. Examples include:

Additional mileage (price per mile) £1.50

Additional transfers of the deceased person’s body (e.g. to their home or Place of worship) £250.00

Collection of ashes £20.00

Embalming (If required) £185.00

Funeral officiant (Celebrant or Minister) From £200.00

Services supplied outside of normal office hours £100.00

The Funeral Director can give you a full list of what they can supply. They are likely to charge for these additional products and services, so you may choose to take care of some arrangements without their involvement, or you can use a different supplier.

Business Proprietors: Mr. Stephen Dudson




Ford Galaxy£195.00

Provision of Bearers£49.75 each

Oak Panelled Coffin£645.15

Solid Oak Coffin£1,035.65

Solid Oak Panelled Coffin£1,210.10

Willow, Seagrass or Bamboo From £587.50

Cardboard CoffinFrom £315.15

Pictorial Cardboard Coffin£435.50

Wool Coffin£758.65

American Style CasketPOA

Oak Casket£62.50

Scatter Tube£26.75

Biodegradable Urn£18.50

Oak Marker Cross£59.85




Standard Fee for Attended Service

Carlisle Crematorium£1,052.00

Eden Valley Crematorium£975.00

Direct Cremation (Unattended)

Carlisle Crematorium £604.00

Eden Valley Cremation£550.00

Purchase Of Grave Space

Penrith Cemetery£785.00

Appleby Cemetery£785.00

Alston Cemetery£785.00


Interment Fee

Penrith Cemetery£825.00

Appleby Cemetery£825.00

Alston Cemetery£825.00


Doctors Fee for completion of Cremation Forms£82.00

Gravedigger Fee - Churchyard only From £350.00